5 Tips for Hiring Restaurant Staff in 2022

QUICK 5 Tips for Restaurant Owners Searching for the Right Candidates
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After 2020 shook up the food service industry and left restaurateurs disoriented by pandemic-related restrictions, they’ve been hit with a labor crisis during their attempt to bounce back. In 2022, the “Great Resignation” still remains strong in the hospitality field leaving many restaurants unable to operate at full capacity to make up for lost business from the past two years. Many former restaurant workers have parted ways with the hospitality industry, and data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows employment rates in the food service industry are not stabilizing for the better just yet.

We’ve asked Heath Campbell of Martin Recruiting Partners to weigh in with his QUICK 5 pieces of advice to restaurant owners who are searching for the right candidates to join their team amidst the current labor crisis.

  1. Look for green flags. If you want to hire a dependable restaurant employee or manager, you’ll need to be familiar with their past experience in the industry. What does your candidate’s resume say about their previous work in restaurants? Were they in their positions for long periods of time? Did they receive promotions in the role? Clues like staying in a role for longer than a year and being promoted to higher positions are green flags and hint to dependability. These are candidates you should invite to interview for a position on your team.
  2. It’s all about who you know. If your candidates have a strong background in the restaurant industry, get to know their network. They may be able to bring in additional trusted leaders to your team by spreading the word within their network about your hiring.
  3. Tell us your values. We believe that your company’s values must start with its leaders and a development of your own core values. We understand the challenge of finding those who fit into your work culture and we’re here to help you. Shine a light on your company’s values and share them with your team. Having clear values for your business is not only important for yourself as a restauranteur but it also gives something tangible to share with your team, creating a mission that they can stand behind to give meaning to the work they’re doing on a daily basis. 
  4. Managing incentives. A current trend taken on while staffing during ongoing pandemic-related strain on the restaurant industry is offering sign-on incentives. The goal here is not to bring in as many people as quickly as possible, ignoring their qualifications and goals. It’s to assure you have an alliance with your new team members so they will continue to build the restaurant and contribute to the staff. Think about offering incentives like referral bonuses for current workers who bring on new employees and tiered incentives for staying on the team 3 months, 6 months, and onward. 
  5. Find a knowledgeable partner. The team from Martin Recruiting Partners comes with years of experience working directly in the hospitality industry. We know what it takes to run a successful operation and where to find the right management candidates. Lean on our network of strong candidates and let us personally match you with qualified prospects. We’d like to schedule a consultation with you today, let us take some strain off of your hiring process and allow you to focus on building and growing your business. 

Bonus question: What are you craving right now? 

Cheese Enchiladas from Joe Leo Fine Tex Mex in Dallas, TX.

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