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Beverage Dispensing Equipment That Saves You Time and Makes You Money

QUICK 5 Tips on Beverage Trends Restaurant Owners Should Know About
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The times have called for restaurant owners to get creative over the last two years, pivoting to avoid pandemic-related losses and finding innovative ways to generate revenue. From offering wine to go and beer bundles, to grocery and pantry staples, restaurants rolled out new services during shutdowns in order to avoid waste and continue sales. 

In 2022, bars and restaurants are still looking to capitalize on their beverage offerings and lucky for them, new trends are emerging that are known to boost sales, stretch product, and are environmentally friendly. Businesses like A Head for Profits serve bars and restaurants looking to capture thirsty guests with contemporary takes on wine, beer, and much more. 

With many restaurants still experiencing labor shortages, we know that owners like yourself are looking for ways to make things easier on limited staff without cutting corners on quality and profitability of your product. 

We’ve asked A Head for Profits to share their QUICK 5 top beverage trends they’re seeing in the bar and restaurant world.

  1. Champagne and Wine on tap — Looking to capture the brunch crowd without wasting a drop of precious bubbly or vino? Once a bottle of wine is opened, oxygen will begin to change the taste of the wine and can cause champagne to go flat. Unless the entire bottle is sold shortly after it’s opened, the taste of the product will only get worse over time and could lead to a wasted bottle – or even worse yet, a customer complaint. Draft champagne and wine options on tap stays fresh because the wine is constantly pressurized by an inert gas inside the keg, preventing oxidation. This allows every last drop to be served and the revenue collected. Plus, each steel keg will save 2,340 lbs. of trash from a landfill over its lifetime (think of all the wine bottles saved!).
  2. Cocktails on tap — Serving cocktails on tap is becoming a popular trend in many restaurants and bars. Having these drinks ready to serve straight from the tap not only cuts down on drink preparation time for your limited staff but also ensures consistency among drinks. A Head for Profits are industry experts that can provide you with many recipe ideas that will not only wow your patrons with flavor and perfectly balanced taste but will also increase the profitability of your liquor poured at your bar. Mechanically, the liquor taps are virtually the same as for beer. You will mix your cocktail into any sized keg that sits on a “spin stick” to keep the cocktail well mixed. The keg is then hooked up to a keg-and-tap system and an inert gas (usually nitrogen) to push the liquor through under low pressure. 
  3. Nitro Coffee — Coffee is no longer a morning-only beverage. Nitro Cold Brew is trending for guests looking for a cold afternoon beverage or even a Cold Brew Cocktail. Nitro Cold Brew on tap obviously boosts revenues in summer months, plus you can charge more for Cold Brew than a single cup of coffee making it a super profitable menu item to add to your offerings. 
  4. Draft Beer — Keep your legit status with beer connoisseurs by keeping clean draft lines. A Head for Profits will service your system on a routine basis to ensure your beer is served clean, crisp, and refreshing. Bacteria and yeast are known to adhere to the inside of the beer line, resulting in an “off” tasting draft beer. With a regular and thorough cleaning service, any sediment is removed to assure fresh-tasting draft beer.
  5. Self-Pour Stations — Are you considering adding a convenient and fun way to serve wine or beer? Self-pour wine and beer bars are popping up everywhere and are known to rotate beverages at a high rate to keep things new and fresh for guests. A Head for Profits maintains equipment, cleans systems before new beer is tapped, leaving no residual taste from the last item that poured through that line. 

What Now Media Group shares daily restaurant news in 14 US cities and counting but we’re also dedicated to the continued support of brands as they grow in this busy market. We pride ourselves in knowing the best in the biz when it comes to restaurant industry experts. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or growing an existing one to multiple locations, What Now’s Preferred Partners can help you every step of the way. A Head for Profits specialize in serving bars and restaurants with draft installation and management services. Visit their Website to see some of their latest work and learn about more trending beverage offerings or connect on LinkedIn for services in your area. 

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Jeannine Boisse

Jeannine Boisse (she/her) is a What Now Media Group staff reporter with a background in Radio & Television. Based in San Diego, you can usually find her exploring local breweries, trying new recipes, and listening to podcasts.
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