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A Crucial Component of the Hospitality Industry

Quick 5 with Always Food Safe
Nick Eastwood, President of Always Food Safe

Always Food Safe is an ANSI-accredited, specialist web-based e-learning provider for the food service sectors. They offer Food Protection Manager, Food Handler, and Allergen Awareness training courses. The company pioneered the use of fully video-based online training systems, to provide the learner with a far more interactive and enjoyable learning experience. Uniquely, its courses are filmed in catering kitchens and provide curriculum-based learning linked to “real life” situations. Always Food Safe’s Vice President, Dan Olk, and President, Nick Eastwood, shared some insight about the industry with What Now.

How did you come into this particular career/industry? 

I have worked in Food Service most of my life as part of a family business. Both my dad and grandfather worked for and subsequently became owners of the business. I started in the factory and worked my way up to a sales position managing the entire Northeast part of the country. When the company began to develop the Food Safety division, I jumped at the opportunity to help develop and grow this department.

What do you find unique about the F&B industry right now? 

The most unique thing right now is the move to automation in the restaurant industry. Although there is value in that, the personal connection that Food and Beverage can provide people is something that can’t be replicated, so it is interesting to see how businesses are trying to combine both and provide the experience that people look for in their restaurant experiences.  

How do you approach working with new business owners? 

We want to take the time to learn about our potential clients and show them how we can work with them in those needs. We do what we can to provide them with what they need to succeed. There is a development in our relationships with our clients and we pride ourselves on providing customer service and assistance throughout the relationship.  

What is a service that your company provides to the F&B industry that has a big impact but can be initially undervalued or overlooked? 

The way our training is provided is a huge benefit in that we may not toot our horn about enough. There are numerous options that businesses have when it comes to food safety training so it may be hard to stand out in the crowd and our training is just that, it stands out. We use humor, and real-life video scenarios to relay scenarios in food safety that is relatable and fun. Food safety may not be the most exciting thing to learn but we have had feedback from numerous companies on how different our training is to our competitors or their current vendor.  

What’s one restaurant you would recommend to somebody visiting from out of town, a place that’s locally loved? 

That is a difficult one to answer since we have so many amazing places! Colorado has a great food scene, especially in the Denver Metro area. Being a pizza lover, my favorite local place is Blue Pan Pizza (they were featured in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives too). But we have a great local spot for any type of food you are craving. 

To connect with Always Food Safe, send an email to [email protected] or by calling 844-312-2011 ext. 1.


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Dan Olk, Vice President of Always Food Safe
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