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Chubby Nori Bringing Sake and Hand Rolls to Philadelphia

The latest concept from the Chubby Cattle restaurant group hopes to open early next year.
Chubby Nori Bringing Sake and Hand Rolls to Philadelphia
Photo: @Chubby Cattle on Facebook

Reasonably priced, hand roll sushi is making its way to Philadelphia next year. Chubby Nori, a new concept from the Chubby Cattle group, will be opening in Chinatown in 2024, reports Philadelphia Business Journal.

The new restaurant will be opening on the second floor of Chubby Cattle Philadelphia at 146 North 10th Street next year. Chubby Cattle International founding partner, David Zhao, spoke to What Now Philadelphia about the restaurant group’s plans for the new eatery.

“We finally got our liquor license this year.” he explains, adding that Chubby Nori will feature sake pairings alongside the gourmet hand rolls. “It will be the first hand roll bar in the area of its nature.” Zhao states, “We have a full liquor license, a full tasting menu, and the hand roll bar. Since it’s connected to Chubby Cattle, if guests want to have hot pot they can have that as well.”

Chubby Nori is planning to begin construction on the second-story space in either late December or early January. The restaurant group is utilizing crowd funding to launch the new project. Zhao states that this will allow customers to feel a sense of ownership and community. “This is our first time running a crowdfunding platform with Honeycomb. We wanted to let customers invest in Chubby Cattle and not only be a dedicated customer but to have an investor role and have financial gains. It should be quite revolutionary to allow customers to be investors instead of banks. Customers know best how a restaurant should operate, and it should cause better customer value and retention.”

Because Chubby Nori will be a part of Chubby Cattle, the company already has permitting and licensing squared away. Zhao says he is hoping to open the restaurant in February of 2024.

Chubby Cattle- and by extension, Chubby Nori- offers customers exceptionally high-quality cuisine at a good value. Zhao explains that the determining factor that elevates the concept above other similar entities is the company-raised ingredients. “The key here is we utilize wagyu from our own ranch and caviar from our own farm. We have seafood that’s fresh. In terms of experience, it will be the best you can have in Philadelphia for the price.”

Zhao and his partners look forward to bringing the unique hand roll experience to Philadelphia. He believes that Chubby Cattle’s distinctive approach guarantees a memorable and delicious dining event for prospective customers.  

“The most important thing for us and what we do as a group is to bring the freshest ingredients.” states Zhao. “Prior to owning our own ranch, we had to fly in ingredients from all over the world. Now we can control the ingredients. We have the best quality ingredients at the best value. We’re really excited to have the community experience.”

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